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The main branch of our company are professional products for body hair removal – ROYX PRO sugar pastes as well as the cosmetics used before and after depilation which are made of purely natural raw materials.


szkoleniaWe invite you to professional, certified trainings during which you will learn depilation by using sugar paste and get addicted to the passion ofsugaring. Undeniable advantages of ROYX PRO sugar paste make it a new standard in body depilation.

Increasing social consciousness as well as growing interest in sugar paste means your surgery cannot lack it!

We prepared some different training packets for our female course participants.

Special offer of  – 10% discount on all our products on the day of the training

 The training agenda:

theoretical session ( 2 hours )  The history of sugar depilationThe composition and properties of ROYX PRO sugar paste Different kinds of ROYX PRO sugar pastes – products description Theoretical lecture on the method of sugar paste depilation The build of skin and hairDiscussion on the most common skin problems ( folliculitis, ingrown hair, hirsutism ) ROYX PRO sugar paste vs. other hair removal methodsWhy paste, and not a wax?

Practical session ( 6 hours )The whole body depilation, including: Legs depilation Arms depilation Armpits depilation Facial hair removalBikini waxing ( Brazilian, French and Classic )

For signing up, e-mail us, please: szkolenia@royxpro.com or call ROYX PRO head trainers:

  • Ilona Malinowska – +48 668 849 981
  • Agata Kuczera – +48 734 443 309

We also recommend following up the info about our shows and trainings on Facebook and in an ‘update’ section.