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The main branch of our company are professional products for body hair removal – ROYX PRO sugar pastes as well as the cosmetics used before and after depilation which are made of purely natural raw materials.

ROYX PRO Sugar Paste

pastaIt has been known for ages that difficult moments in our life become more bearable when we treat ourselves with some sweets. ROYX PRO sugar paste is a combination of subtle sweetness and effective depilation which makes it a true ritual.

ROYX PRO sugar paste peels and nurses – with each paste removal the dead skin is eliminated making the skin soft and delicate after the depilation.

 ROYX PRO is merciless for every hair. Contrary to wax depilation, the hair is removed according to their natural direction of growth which minimizes the risk of their ingrowth and irritation.

Sugar paste can be applied repeatedly to the same place thanks to which it guarantees 100% of accuracy. The pain connected to the process is minimized totally. If you try sugar depilation once – you immediately resign from the wax one.

For maximum effectiveness, we have created four different ROYX PRO sugar pastes for different types of hair and skin. We encourage you to become familiar with the whole range of our products.

Hair removal – can it be pleasant, safe and at the same time effective? It can… naturally! With ROXY PRO sugar paste!

  1. Purely natural product – no contraindications for use (pregnancy, varicose veins, capillaries are no longer a problem )

  2. 50% pain less* – than in case of wax depilation

  3. Less ingrown hair – hair is removed according to their natural growth direction

  4. Hair removal and care – peels, nourishes and softens the skin

  5. Hygiene and comfort – washed with warm water, it leaves no feeling of stickiness

  6. Productivity – with a small amount of sugar paste we can depilate the whole body

  7. Effectiveness – merciless even for very short hair.

 and most importantly:

  1. Product totally easy to use – after an appropriate training and a little bit of practice it takes as much time as the wax depilation.

ROYX PRO – do it in a sweet way!

* based on subjective experience of our female customers

 We encourage to use professional, certified trainings which will enable you entering the world of sugar depilation. Treat yourself to the passion of sugaring!